ppdev0: no associated port!

        If you see messages like 'ppdev0: no associated port!' in system log (check with the dmesg command), it's because your system didn't load low level parallel port driver. On PC, add a line 'alias parport_lowlevel parport_pc' in /etc/modules.conf to have it loaded when needed. Depending on your machine architecture, you can use parport_amiga, parport_cs, parport_pc, parport_arc, parport_gsc, parport_serial, parport_atari, parport_mfc3, parport_sunbpp.

resetting 1220P/2000P scanner

scanner's connectors

    (1) power chord
    (2) cable to printer (pass-through port)
    (3) cable to computer
Resetting the scanner involves simulating the power-down/power-up cycle:
  • switch off printer or unplug (2)
  • unplug scanner's power supply (1)
  • unplug parallel port cable from the PC (3)
  • plug in scanner's power supply (1)
  • plug in parallel port cable from the PC (3)
  • switch on printer or replug (2)

  • Note: powering down and up the PC will have the same effect, provided your printer is either unplugged or powered-of.

    resetting 610P scanner

    All you have is to power off then on the scanner with its power button.

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