Bugs are sorted in three categories:
  • low level parallel port communication
  • scanner protocol
  • SANE implementation

  • SANE implementation

    scanner protocol

  • 610P shading calibration need fixing
  • 610P 600x300 dpi scans need fixing
  • 610P offset for manual gain settings need fixing

  • low-level protocol

  • don't reset printer when probing or releasing scanner, that kills any printing in progress
  • umax_pp command line tool has a bug which leads in producing 'shifted' scans sometimes
  • at 600 and 1200 dpi, the 32 bits I/O are sensitive to latency issues. That may confuse the scanner, which needs then to be resetted. To avoid this, don't load your system, or reduce the width of the scan. Small width scans at high resolution are OK. Also using ECP only direct hardware access alleviate this problem.
  • /dev/ppi0 on freebsd 5.x fails reading data from scanner in EPP mode, seems a freebsd bug.

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