SANE backend for UMAX Astra 610P/1220P/2000P

         This page is about a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) backend for the UMAX Astra 1220P parallel port flatbed scanner. It applies to the HP3200C scanjet, since it is only a rebadged Umax scanner. It also operates Astra 610P, 1600P and 2000P.

         Its origin is an experimental test program that has turned into a scanning program, and then was wrapped into a SANE backend.

         This backend (part of standard SANE package 1.0.18) compiles on as many plateforms SANE do. But it is only usefull on plateforms where you have a parallel port. It currently runs on linux and FreeBSD, and should run on OS/2 and other BSD.


         The backend as all the features needed to use the 610P/1220P/1600P/2000P scanners. Work left is code cleaning.

         This backend detects 610P, 1220P, 1600P and 2000P models. It is able to scan at 75, 150, 300, 600 and 600x12000 dpi for 1220P and higher models, and 75, 150, 300 an 300x600 dpi for 610P. in color and gray levels, it also provides software lineart mode. It provides independant manual gain control for red, green and blue, or does auto calibration. Lamp can be switched on or off. Custom gamma tables are handled.

         If available, the backend will make use of the ppdev device to ensure correct parport sharing with printer, and to allow scanning as normal user (ie no root priviledges needed). It also uses the FreeBSD ppi device, but this feature needs more testing to really work, since it seems there is a bug in the ppi device which prevents read from scanner in EPP mode.

         Since all the the communication with the scanner is done in user mode, the backend is sensitive to latency issues, so you must avoid loading the system while doing large scan at high resolution.


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